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Dead Larry’s powerful blend of high-energy rock, dance, and funk shakes the foundation of modern music.  From rock-driven sea shanties to pulsating dance beats.  From Beatle-esque harmonies to spine-chilling screams.  From shake-yo-booty funk jams to orchestral themes of space and time travel.  Dead Larry is one thing: Original.  The band was formed in a basement in high school, and after nearly two decades of writing, touring, and chasing the dream Dead Larry has grown to be one of the most prominent independent rock bands coming out of the Midwest.  

"An all too short set by psychedelic funk pop band, Dead Larry, from Iowa City, Iowa, was all I needed to realize where the great music truly was. Lead singer/rhythm guitarist Mark McGuiness screamed his lyrics with rock 'n' roll conviction to the raw and dark simplicity of the musical compromise that is the rest of the band. Each member worked their musical niche to create something greater than themselves that is Dead Larry."

- Travis Beck (The Daily Nebraskan) 


From somewhere deep within the hydrogen-rich nebula, NGC 2174, a new take on high-powered, horn-driven rock has emerged: Space Monkey Mafia. Founded in 2016, the six-piece band is rooted in the best parts of 90s/00s ska and punk, infused with a healthy dose of contemporary influence, and combined with a lyrical urgency and message to meet the moment.

After hunkering down during the pandemic, the band returned with a vengeance in summer 2021, selling out their first show back. 2022 saw the release of Space Monkey Mafia’s second album Banned From California via Snowglobe Records, which the band followed up with a tour of the Midwest and Rocky Mountains. With the next batch of anti-establishment anthems and self-care bangers already being compiled, Space Monkey Mafia looks to the horizon, ready to keep audiences skanking and hollering for years to come.

DSC05891 (photo credit Camille Bagnani).jpeg

For the better part of the past 12 years, Mikaiah Lei (Eskimo Kisses) of The Bots has spent his adolescence in the spotlight. The Bots released two studio albums, toured around the world, landed glossy magazine spreads, and performed live everywhere from Coachella to Glastonbury in that time. Lei was just 21 years old the last time The Bots put out an album, 2014’s Pink Palms. Now, after seven transformative years, Lei has a brand new outlook on life and himself — and he’s got the remarkable new album 2 Seater to show for it.

2 Seater is a massive evolution from the early days of The Bots. Back then, Mikaiah Lei spent most of his time channeling garage rock with his younger brother. Instead, this new album sees him putting a pop spin on his own creative indie rock flair. Drawing influence more from Talking Heads and Cocteau Twins than Black Flag or Minor Threat, these songs capture Lei’s natural ability to pen catchy melodies without sacrificing any of the raw guitar work that established The Bots as a force to be reckoned with.


- Catbite is a neo-two tone ska band from Philadelphia formed in May of 2018. Influenced by the jolting energy of The Specials, the Selector’s edged lyrics, and Elvis Costello‘s love of melody, the group cranks out short, catchy tunes that usually have a deeper meaning… and sometimes don’t. The band’s debut self-titled LP was released in 2019 on Bad Time Records and has sold out of the first 2 pressings with the 3rd pressing available now. The highly anticipated sophomore album, “Nice One”, also released on Bad Time Records, was released on August 6, 2022, and was accompanied by a sold-out hometown show, followed by extensive touring. Nice One includes hits like “Call Your Bluff”, “Excuse Me Miss”, and the soulful rocksteady tune, “Bad Influence”. You can catch Catbite bringing their energetic live show all over the United States and Canada this year.


Philadelphia born Jamtronic Trance Fusion quartet, Solar Circuit, creates a unique live experience with improvisational roots, blending instrumentation, vocals, and electronics. Newest studio album 'Pulling at the Source' showcases the group's solidified sound; a generous mix of complex songwriting, textures, instrumentation, vocals, and improvisation. The record melds deep electronic roots, layered with soaring guitar and synth melodies, to excite the listener and ignite contagious dancing. This quartet's sights are set full speed ahead, with the release of 'Pulling at the Source', the release of all live show soundboards, constant new additions to the catalog, and ever-growing chemistry and expansion.

Feed the Dog.jpeg

Feed the Dog is an eclectic and action-packed, experimental jam-grass act. The midwest based 4-piece masterfully blends soul-pleasing songwriting rich in imagery and storytelling with a genre bending, shake-your-hips, instrumental flair. Their high energy performances are driven by the unique and progressive approach of each player: imaginative melodies with graceful ambiance skillfully crafted on the violin, tireless beats both dynamic and soulful confidently assembled on the drums, driving low end with finesse and intention forged on the bass guitar, and unique approach to playing the acoustic guitar blending fast picking bluegrass runs with the strength of blues and rock to evoke an emotional contrast between melancholy and hopeful.


FairPlay Entertainment Is a collective of artists, producers, and entertainment entities coming together to collaborate and elevate the next generation of talent.  By procuring services, booking events, coaching young talent, and amplifying existing content FPE hopes to organically enhance its artists' products and help bring them to the next level of their careers. 

While we can, and often do, book shows for the various artists in our rosters, each FairPlay artist is their own entity and we encourage you all to engage with them personally and their amazing work. 

FPE’s goal organization is to bring those talents to as many eyes, ears, and stages as possible.


The Immaculate Beings is a queer, psychedelic, indie band focused on the importance of self-love, care, and validation through music and performance. Coming together from across the Midwest, Trevor (vox, guitar), Griffin (lead guitar), Martin (drums), Christian (bass, backup vox), Casey (backup vox), and Staurie (keys, backup vox), have dedicated their music careers to helping create a safe space, which is showcased in their first full-length album, Mental Space.

SJ_Spring2022_Cover1 copy.jpg

Smokin' Joe is a man. Smokin' Joe is a band. It is what it needs to be, when it needs to be it. Joe Scarpellino is a singer/songwriter from the Midwestern USA with deep roots in rock and a love for it all.

Joe works full-time in the music industry, with the primary focus being on live performance. In addition to musical performance, he owns and operates Get Down Enterprises (GDE), a boutique production company in the Twin Cities. GDE provides a myriad of services including artist booking/mgmt, event/festival production, studio production and recording, custom songwriting commissions, and graphic design. Joe is a founder of The Galactic Get Down Music Festival. He plays with a few different bands including Dead Larry, IronStar, and Elour.


First gathered in Southern Minnesota in 2017, Irie Minds has proven to be a powerful force in the local reggae and festival scene. Congregating influences from East-Coast progressive reggae to Jamaican ska and dub, Irie Minds fabricates a truly unique approach to a classic music grounded in positivity for positive people. Following their latest studio release “Big Love”, Irie Minds has traversed the Midwest with the aim to unite and uplift spirits with their heavy rhythms, delicate guitars, and brilliant horn section. While remaining true to definitive themes of the genre, Irie Minds makes music for the people; relatable to all.

Alien Book Club is a seven-piece band from the Twin Cities that has been playing together since the summer of 2019. The band consists of Anita Velveeta (she/her, guitar and lead vocals), Andrea Bauer (she/her, bass and vocals), Thomas Coyle (he/him, drums), Ben O'Malley (he/him, percussion), Amber DeBellis (she/her, lead guitar), Allison Payonk (she/her, saxophone), and Dante Leyva (he/him, saxophone).

During their time as a band they have played many shows locally and out of town throughout the midwest. In January 2020 the band toured for two weeks through the Midwest and Southern U.S., venturing on their longest journey as a band yet. In 2021, members of Alien Book Club started their own label, Kitchen Knife Blood Pact, where they will continue to release their own music, solo projects of each member, and are supporting, producing, and releasing music of other local bands.

Alien Book Club_edited.jpg

Black Velvet Punks is a jazz punk, neo-soul and hip hop group that consists of founder Taylor Ngiri Seaberg (they/them), a genderqueer multi-instrumentalist, Traiveon Dunlap (drums and vocals), and Roderick Glasper (bass).

Black Velvet Punks stands for any players that join with the soulful brainchild to emphasize the kick and splatter of punk with a tapestry of neo-soul charm and smoothness. The group has performed at Walker Art Center's Terrace Thursdays, 2019 Indeed Hullabaloo, KFAI MinneCulture, First Avenue Goes to the Minnesota State Fair, MCN6's Bands on Vans Series, and more.

Brotherhood of Birds (BoB) is a Twin Cities-based, Minnesota progressive acoustic string band whose original compositions bring together traditional and modern styles. 


After hatching in January 2021, the group released 2 EPs entitled “Caged Vol. 1 & 2”. In the same year, they played the historic First Avenue Main Room, Blue Ox Music Festival, and Shangri-La Music Festival, and were featured in Bluegrass Standard magazine as well as on 88.5 Bluegrass Saturday Morning. In 2022 they’ve been spotted on the lineup for Revival, Pickin On Picknic, Boats & Bluegrass, MBOTMAs August Fest, Galactic Get Down, Sioux River Folk Fest, & Palisade Bluegrass Bash to name a few. The band's tag team style lineup makes every show unique while showcasing some of the premier players in the genre that the twin cities have to offer.

Butter Boys.jpeg

Butter Boys

The Butter Boys are a rock band out of Minneapolis MN. Bright and boisterous, clamoring guitars, and memorable melodies. More evocative than provocative. More spirited than angry. They are unapoligticly bratty, rebellious and always a party!

The Confused

We’re all a little Confused.



Covalent Blonde.jpeg

Covalent Blonde

Alternative R&B // Psychedelic Soul band in the Twin Cities. Original Music by Drew Mabusth.

Desperate Electric

"Some bands have talent, others have character, but very few have soul. Desperate Electric is all of that in one."  

-Taste Magazine, 2020

Desperate Electric (formerly known as DASH) wants you to feel alive. Weaving melodies through the triumphs and tribulations of life, growing up, and relationships, the pair use their electric disco soul to tantalize crowds across the nation. Desperate Electric's high-energy live show makes you feel good; their lyrics are playful and honest, exploring themes of both vulnerability and resiliency. Groove with them as their thoughtful composition glides along an emotional roller coaster. 

Mary Profile Pic.jpg
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 5.31.01 AM.png

DJ Elsewhere

Elsewhere is a DJ and producer specializing in glitch hop, funk, and turntablism. His audio visual live shows feature originals, remixes, and Mashups set to video with an emphasis on scratching, beat juggling, and trick mixing. 

He has opened for legendary artists including DJ Craze, Qbert, Shiftee, Jon1st, and many more. His scratching was featured on the soundtrack to the Disney Channel movie "Spin"

Druzy Rose

Indie Pop outfit Druzy Rose uniquely pulls inspiration from a widescreen snapshot of genre-defying music to reveal a charming, yet brutal rawness throughout their work.


Earth to Clark

Earth to Clark is a Wisconsin-based group whose sound incorporates a distinctive blend of funk, party rock, reggae and hip hop. Bringing fire to the stage with their high energy. They are fueled by passion and community, Earth to Clark brings awareness to social issues in our communities and confronts personal challenges that many can relate to. The variation in the personal experiences and influences of each of the band members contributes to the diversity of Earth to Clark’s style and genre. Earth to Clark delivers a dynamic sound that draws a wide variety of listeners.


Elour (pronounced "allure") is what Elizabeth Ghandour categorizes as Femm Rock. Elizabeth’s direct lyrics, diverse background and classically trained voice, combined with Joe Scarpellino's tasty bass and Will Flynn's creative drumming, yields a sound that's raucous and rebellious, and yet very stylish.

Growing up in rural Minnesota, the daughter of an American mother and Lebanese father, Elizabeth's early musical exposure was way outside the mainstream: the musicals her grandmother loved and the Lebanese folk music her father loved.  Her singing ability was recognized at an early age, and lessons came along with it, adding opera and art songs to a musical palette that was already off the beaten path.  


Floating Perspectives

The Floating Perspectives bring musical unity through the carefully crafted marriage of powerful and incisive lyrics, rich harmonies, and a lush string ensemble. Exploring topics of beauty, life's uncertainty, and positive self-reflection, their introspective depth is conveyed and juxtaposed with upbeat production and rich harmonies. Drawing energy and rhythmic prowess from rock, their indie sentiments flawlessly mesh with pop sensibilities to create a unique sound that is all their own. On their latest project, "swirling ephemera", their originality and sonic uniqueness shine through in crisp, clean instrumentation with vocals that cut into you, spilling out flowers from the soul.


flowstate is a musical trio that brings a high energy and sultry stage presence. Their "drop-hop" sound is sure to get your body moving!



Foe is a five-piece psychedelic wave-rock band from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

The group takes influence from the 2000s alt-rock surge and fuses it with their love for video-game soundtracks and audioscapes. Creating tracks that span from hard-hitting rock to atmospheric synth-wave, Foe produces expressive and experimental audio while maintaining a hypnotic catchiness that has fans hum under their breath all day.

Riffy, ethereal, and venturesome, Foe invites the listener on an audio trip through universal feels. They seek comfort in the rawness and realness of our being, choosing not to ignore the glaring issues we face, but rather to embrace the unlikeliness of us being here to take them on in the first place.

Funk n Spuds

Music is Hope!

Funk N Spuds is a Minneapolis-based musical collective of artists from around the Midwest. Formed in early 2020, their jam-rock jazz-pop sounds inspire hope in listeners and positive change in the world.


Ginny & the Fizz

Ginny & The Fizz:
One part queer
Two parts alt rock
garnished with a 90s twist
Ginny & The Fizz is soon to become your favorite band and cocktail!


Crafted by Michael Shannon (He/Him) and Mat Lochner (He/Him) on guitar, Jarod Schiebout (He/Him) on drums, Maddie Thies (She/Her) on bass, and the one and only Eric LeBlanc (He/ They) on effervescent, power vocals.

Goodbye Mordecai

indie punk/ska - twin cities
debut album “start again” on snowglobe records!

Goodbye Mordecai.jpeg


Hiahli is a live hip-hop band that plays rock n roll instruments. This Fargo, ND-based group was formed in 2020.

The high-octane MC, Cold Sweat, delivers his Golden-Age Hip-Hop lyrics over a variety of musical stylings. In addition to the usual fatback rhythms, you may hear some undercurrents of outlaw country, disco, and grungy rock. Hiahli is also known to throw in a few deep covers from the archives of hip-hop. The group weaves a tapestry of sound taking the listener through grungy, boom bap beats that inspire good times. And, always, a trip to the moon


Hobday is a producer, songwriter, recording artist and DJ who’s sound and expression spans across multiple genres including Electronic music, Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop. The result is an eclectic bass music fusion that always brings the vibes.
Creating music for what he refers to as the “venturous”, his ambition is to help people escape mundane reality and connect with their deeper selves and their potential. Hobday embraces the diverse nature of sound and is currently residing in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Honey Dick

It's a band

Joe & the Mechanics

Your local band supporting free expression, positive vibes, good times, and top quality music

Johnson Bros.jpeg

The Johnson Brothers

Brothers from Excelsior MN, Mitch and Brandon Johnson co-founded the band Kind Country in 2011. During their time in Kind Country and in many other musical projects, Mitch and Brandon have been playing shows nationally for over 10 years!

Mitch and Brandon co-founded the band "Kind Country" in the winter of 2011 as the two founding guitarists. The brothers toured nationally together in Kind Country until the fall of 2018. The Johnson Brothers have also played in numerous other Twin Cities bands. In the spring of 2021, the brothers began playing shows under the name "The Johnson Brothers". Each show features a rotating cast of high-caliber bluegrass musicians.

Karate Chop Silence.jpeg

Karate Chop, Silence

Our fists of fury play instruments. Our Sensei is modern radio. We rock. We funk. We pop. We know nothing about karate. Formed August 2016 and based out of Winona, MN. Mason Smith (Vocals/Guitar), Dante Degrazia (Vocals/Keys), Ryan Amble (Drums), Jake Nielsen (Bass).

Kokou Kah.jpeg

Kokou Kah

Kokou Kah is a True Fusion Liberian-American artist; a term coined from mixing their American culture and Liberian heritage within their music. Kah grew up listening to Tupac & Bob Marley with his late uncle, and Liberian pop music whenever around his maternal grandmother. Every beat you find Kokou on will make you want to dance and his lyrics will take you into a journey of his life not far removed from yours no matter the depth of his traumas and joys.


We are cosmic vagrants traversing the stars for the music of the spheres. Hit play and enjoy the field recordings of Fishman and the Ambassador as they continue on their never ending quest for the ephemeral sounds from the great beyond.



Remember that emo phase you went through in like 2003 but never really got over? Yeah, same. Lace up your Vans and pretend you're at Warped with PUNX, the emo/pop punk powerhouse that's all killer and maybe a little filler. 

PUNX is a collective of Twin-Cities-based musicians ready to share a heavy dose of nostalgia with anybody who needs it.

"We're just here to make sure everybody has a good time."


Olivia Quintanilla is a Twin Cities-based cellist, composer, and teacher.  She takes her classical training to a modern stage with her live performance to create a unique and progressive musical style.  With a hand in over a dozen musical groups - from hard rock to classical symphony - Quintanilla has quickly become synonymous with the progression of modern cello composition and performance.  

In addition to her vibrant rock ’n' roll career, Quintanilla continues to hone her musical skills as a private music teacher in Minneapolis, specializing in cello and violin lessons to students of all ages, with an emphasis on beginner and intermediate studies. 


Rootz Within.jpeg

Rootz Within

Rootz Within promotes positivity, community & personal growth through relatable lyrics & catchy hooks. Delivered with their signature easy-going island style, they combine elements of rock, funk, and jam-band-like improvisation with a smooth reggae foundation.

Runaway Ricochet

Runaway Ricochet is a band that plays music. More specifically we play ska/punk music. It’s like punk rock with horns, and upbeats. Lots of upbeats.

Runaway Richochet.jpeg



This high-variety garage band delivers a consistent three-piece rock sound, however, it continues to experiment with new tones and themed concepts for individual songs. In 2013 Splimit released their self-titled E.P. and in 2015 they had the honor to open up for punk rock legends “The Misfits”. With a genre-bending mentality, these three musicians continue to incorporate diverse musical ideas into an unfailing vibration of individuality. 




based out of Twin Cities, MN


Named after lead singer, Tim Dooley, Timisarocker was formed as a 4-piece punk band from St. Paul, Minnesota in 2014. Over the years, their style and sound has constantly evolved without changing the core value of their performance ability. With musical influences ranging from every which way, Timisarocker prides itself in not sounding like anyone or anything else. As a band, Timisarocker creates music that crosses many different genres in hopes to get their songs stuck in your head. They are all about breaking down barriers and advocating for those who suffer from mental illnesses, hoping that their music brings them peace of mind and reassures them that they are not alone. 

Wildly Appropriate.jpeg

Wildly Appropriate

Bismarck based band playing groovy garage rock

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