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2020 Live Art

Broad Spectrum Concepts. 27 year old traveling by van bringing concepts to life from within. From canvas works to murals, as well as wood cut outs Broad Spectrum Concepts creates works using a play on colors and contrast. All works feature black light reactivity, RGB sensitivity as well as 3D abilities.

Artguy Chuck Hues, landed a gig working for the Grateful Dead and the rest got stranger. Outdoor art director for 10,000 lakes festival (10klf) and WeFest, while touring with Wookiefoot on the road and at home. Also has ties to the Big Wu, and the Merry Pranksters, BUT other clients are Birmingham Children's Theater, schools, and churches, so life is not ALL rock and roll, just most of it, because he's also one of the resident artists at Harmony music Park and garden. Live Painter beside many stages and hundreds of musicial talents and wall mural painter by day.

Trained illustrator at Auburn U. who said he was too weird, until he did the Banjo design for Fall Tour '94 (still sold via Liquid Blue )... It's just goes to show you that doing what you love will pay off in the end.

Warning: blatant Blacklight use to be expected. 

Cristin Chambers (also known as, ‘PanArt’) is a professional mixed media and visionary artist, live painter and teacher based in Kansas City, Missouri.  As well as showing artwork locally, she also teaches art techniques and art journaling online in collaborative and solo art courses with artists from all around the world. 

PanArt considers herself to be a heArtist because she paints from the heart and infuses emotion into all of her artwork. She loves to use rich color, texture, storytelling, experimentation and values the art of letting go and embracing art rebellion. 

Dizzle Arts is produced by J.D. Hernandez aka DizZ . Influenced by various different art styles ranging from Graffiti, Tattoos, and Catoons . Dizz takes every day situations uses some imagination and takes it for a ride. Giving people,places, or things a vibrant twist of color.

 After moving to the midwest from South Texas in 2011 DizZ was introduced to live painting and hasn't looked back since. Sharing , creating , collaborating. And most importantly making connections thru sharing live art with a wide range of people. Upon doing so Dizz has had the honor of live painting for some very talented musicians such as Space Monkey Mafia, Dead Larry, Satsang, Useful Jenkins , Matisyahu,  and Steven Marley to name a few. And has also live painted at a few music festivals such as The Galactic Get Down , Project Earth , Shangri La , Revival, and Vibe High. Sharing and connecting  with others through artwork is the mission.Creating  a colorful place for everyone to enjoy . 

It’s all in the details. The Totally Righteous artwork by Jordan Oliver draws you in with the subject centered, surrounded meticulously with such beautiful colors that challenge your perspective. The whole image seems to be both the foreground and the background. His brushstrokes hold so much power, making intricate details and rough and thick lines creating a harmonious balance.-Jesse gussow

Lulu Thompson is a tattoo artist by day, and a painter by night. Quickly reaching from one medium to the next is a vital part of her process. Art is continuously evolving, and she’s moving right along with it! To her, watching the process unfold is what expression is all about. A flowing menagerie of acrylics and spray paints are her usual vehicles, but whatever medium gets her there is what she will utilize. 


Lulu was born and raised in the Twin Cities. After 22 years of being raised in the energy of the cities then moved out to the Wisconsin countryside. This calm shift allowed her the freedom and simplicity to go within and meet her true expression, to create from a space of authenticity. She is here to create, and to live and let live. 

Leon Russel Lilke is a Minneapolis based artist known for his history of live performance and design work with Minnesota based bluegrass band Useful Jenkins. Detailed evolving natural landscapes, washed with surreal color, define a long time artistic collaboration and friendship with Useful Jenkins since the very beginning.

My name is Mana Bear and I love everything about being creative.  I've been an artist since I could draw.  Animals, fantastical beasts, the human figure, space and emotion are my subject matter.  I express these themes through sculpture, various painting mediums, digital, aerosol and so much more.  I'm always learning new skills.  Ask me about art!  I'd love to learn something new with you!  You can find me painting, hanging with creative folks, and keeping hydrated and healthy at music fests and community gatherings around the mid-west and soon, west coast! Let's get creative!

~ Graphic/ 3D Exhibit Design, ~ Visual Art, ~ Acrylic Painting, ~ Press/ Digital/ Screen Print production, ~ Branding/ Digital Publishing in the media.

These are a few areas in which my artwork, experience, and higher ducation encapsulate. My art is emulated through a sense of neo-nouveau, and neo-psychedelic stylistic aspects with line extensions and elongated elaborations of foliage, flowing hair, accentuated with signature black bold outlining, and bright neon and rainbow pastel color palettes. I create work fueled by the feeling of aspiration, reaching a connection that can’t be communicated through words, but only felt by the heart. Exposing the teaming spirits behind the veil of human perception, and exploring the phenomena of light. Etherial women, humanity, culture, gardens, mountainous, forests, lakes, sky-was scapes, backwoods, country, cosmic, instrumental, musicians, lyrics, and bands such as the Grateful Dead are all subjects of content I involve with a painting or design. I’ve been painting with acrylics since I was 16 years old and studying painting in high school. That passion continued into college and eventually spilling into a degree in graphic Communications from South Central College, of North Mankato, MN. Then I am currently working on completing my BS in Art & Design from Bemidji State University, in Bemidji, MN. From performances on stage at First Avenue with Kind Country, and being featured at festivals such as People’s Fest, Galactic Get Down, Valhalla, Revival, Shang-Ri La, Built To Last, Bloomtown, Earth Rhythms, Muskie Days Music Festival, all the way down to Phunkberry in Eureka Springs, AR. Painting alongside musicians, and bands along the way such as Kind Country, Useful Jenkins, Dead Larry, Frogleg, JWP, El Dub,The Roots Within, Stringdingers, The Peoples Brothers Band, Terrapin Brothers, The Lowest Pair, and Rising Appalachia.

A visual artist from Park Rapids, MN & studied painting at Moorhead State. I’ve been painting bands & musicians while they perform for a couple of years now, capturing their performance in that given moment. Creating, teaching, & sharing art is my life. Teaching art helps people see their own potential, self worth, connections with others & their perceptions of the world. I truly believe that everyone is an artist of some sort!

Paige MacKenzie is an alchemical artist known as “Portal of Paige.” Using acrylic paint she transforms emotional truths and poetic knowings into vivid works of art. Paige gives form to otherworldly feminine figures rising from the depths, each one a portal that transports the viewer to a sense of knowing. Paige enjoys performative painting for the connective experience it brings, as each goddess invites the viewer to feel into the truth that is within us all.

Rob Munger

Rob Munger is somewhat new to letting his art work out into the world. Bursting his way out of the shell. If we are all only limited to our own imagination, this man surely is bound by no limits. Unpredictable work, abstract, with no boundaries. 

Tex Beltz

An aspiring cartoonist/illustrator and prolific live painter from Saint Joseph, Missouri.  His spot-on cartoon recreations are loved by kids of all ages, and come together in a very enthralling fashion during festival and concert events up and down the I-35 corridor. He is a 2x GGD live painter and can be found painting at his booth that usually contains an exciting, colorful variety of creations!"

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