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Silent Jamz! 

Featuring Music by

Undercover Organism &

Zach Deputy

It's back!!! Another year to get down at the Silent Jamz at Galactic Get down. 


This year we are going Bluetooth!! 


We will have a limited amount of Bluetooth headphones for you to use!


What you must know about the Bluetooth headphones: They can only be used within the launchpad area. You must return the Bluetooth headphones to a GGD Employee when you plan on leaving the launchpad area.  If you would like to listen outside the area, we will still be tuned into the radio frequency!  There will also be boomboxes in some areas for your listening! If you have a radio from last year, it will still work! If you happen to have one, or purchase one on your own, it will work!! If you do not have a radio, or headset, and would like one, we will have them available for purchase, or trade!

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